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IHM is  been a trusted and brand name for professional culinary arts and food production . This is the one and only top ranked expertise college in Nepal , offering world certified course for #courseforcareer with comfortable, family atmosphere . A qualification from IHM is a stamp of excellence on any CV and will ensure that you are top of the pile for those first important interviews.

It is the combination of the skills and building leadership focus of the programs, practical skills, and industry-recognized work experience that allow IHM students to tailor their education and open doors to a wide variety of exciting career options around the world.

The combination of quality academic teaching, international standard practical training, excellent industry contacts and breathtaking scenery are a recipe for success.

Our graduates can be found in Senior positions in kitchen and leadership roles all around the globe. Their success shows that to reach the top it pays to start at the top!

Located in the heart of the Capital city of Nepal, Lalitpur, Satdobaoto with the Alps providing a spectacular backdrop, IHM is comprised of a legendary figure of the Nepalese culinary fraternity.

The role of our college is to train our students to become high-level professionals, able to take on leadership positions in the hotel and restaurant sectors, and in the service industry.

Location : Satdobato, Lalitpur

Certification : CTEVT -approved tracks.

Programs: Certificate Level 1, Level 2 in culinary arts and Short-term courses

Faculty ; Diverse industry experience represented in faculty who are chefs, nutritionists, sommeliers, hospitality managers, and researchers.

Transcript : CTEVT \ NSTB & IHM College

Enrichment classes : Legendary chefs, Educator, Researcher and experts

Number of Alumni : 200+

Campus Size : 1250

Specialization of School : Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Academic Partnership with : Council for Vocational Training and Education Training (CTEVT), Government of Nepal

Accreditations : CTEVT

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IHM College “It Cares” ;  Top Ranked Vocational College, affiliated to CTEVT

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Hospitality Bond with Siddhartha Business Group

Hospitality business has always been a service oriented business working hand on hand with different sectors.

Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality has been marked as trademark brand of Nepalese hotelier and hospitality business, service delivering from 24 different hotels all over Nepal. It is one of the biggest chain hotel of Nepal so far.

IHM College has been a trend setter for the standard in delivering culinary experiences. It has raise the benchmark of quality standard outcome. Next tomorrow’s chef, who are graduated from IHM College are in a reputed companies today, working efficiently as a different level chefs globally.

To polish the behavior, nature and personality of next tomorrows chef, they require a internship facilities. Hence we are here again signing a agreement paper with Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality. This bonding is going to fulfill the hospitality requirement all over the Nepal.

Working together will definitely fulfill each others requirement in coming days.

We are honored to work with Siddhartha Hospitality team. We are definitely going to tide the chain of bonding more stronger. We believe that to walk a long road there should be a bond between similar visions and ethics. Hence, we are.

The Day With MasterChef in Chef Competition – NGCC2021

Culinary Trainee from IHM College , Satdobato has learned the best skills experienced , shown by very talented Young chefs of Nepal, here at Aloft, Kathmandu .During the competition of Top 8 finalist , participated chefs explored their tremendously best culinary skills and plating art in nepalese cuisine in modern

Certified Hotel Management Courses & Degrees at IHM !

We offer culinary arts and hotel management certified course along with degrees for students of all ages and backgrounds, as short courses & online programs for middle level manager chef and executives. The world’s most industry-relevant, high-quality training and vocational well recognized course leads you to be well sound professional chef .

Designed for young professionals with a post-secondary degree, this six month and 1 year fast-paced and intense program is dedicated to strengthening your culinary know-how, and developing managerial skills for the Food & Beverage industry.

Join other students for a transformative experience and open your mind to the diverse career opportunities in hotel , hospitality, travel, entertainment, luxury brands, high tech locally and globally and many more.

Our Culinary faculties are an inspiration to our students and are skilled at incorporating applied research into their classes.

Our admission team is standing by to answer your questions, and help with preparing your application Plz feel free to call or connect I +977 9808726010).

– Ikerne Azpilicueta, Director of Admissions

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Carving training held at IHM , Satdobato

Carving , is a form of art , the art where you can free to express your thought and idea to shape up . it is the act of using tools to shape something from a material by scraping away portions of that material. The technique can be applied to any material that is solid enough to hold a form even when pieces have been removed from it, and yet soft enough for portions to be scraped away with available tools

here we invited to chef shivahari ghimire, one of the very renowned carving chef in town to show his extra ordinary skill in carving to our next generation chef from ihm college.

he did carving of some vegetables, fruits etc .